May 24, 2022

Marche Wedding | Kelsey + Phil

Describe your wedding in three words
Elegant, Imperfectly Perfect, & Unifying

Color Palette 
Sunset Colors

How did you and Phil meet?
I grew up closely tied to the Bag of Donuts cover band. They’ve all known me since the day I was born. In the spring of 2017, the band had just hired a full time horn section and I had just graduated from college. In an effort to support my new photography hobby, which would later become my career, one of the band members invited me to test out my new camera on a local gig in town. I arrived wearing white denim shorts and a 90s t-shirt with my hair up in a less than flattering bun and no make up thinking I’d be hanging out with what I considered to be family! Low and behold, one of the band members introduces me to the news saxophone player. Phil says the moment he shook my hand, he knew. He still gets teary eyed when he tells the story :’) We locked eyes and shook hands and that was it. After much prayer, conviction and a few challenges, the rest is history!

How did he propose?
Phil took me back to where we had our first date in the City Park sculpture garden. We walked through the park where he nervously led me through our favorite sculptures. He got down on one knee on the stepping stones over the water, which scared the hell out of me because he’s a total klutz and I was so afraid he’d drop the ring! Of course, I said yes, and a traditional, New Orleans style carriage was waiting for us outside the garden. We popped champagne and rode the carriage through the rest of City Park where it finally dropped us off at the Peristyle. Phil had arranged a picnic with all of my family and friends at the Peristyle! 

What are the most memorable moment(s) from your wedding day?
Gosh, I don’t know what to pick… The first thing that comes to mind is dancing with Phil for hours straight! I couldn’t get enough of the music, the scenery, the company! All of it! Tied with first was opening my wedding gift from Phil, which was a binder of all the notes and letters I’ve ever written him since we had first started dating 5 years ago, both long love letters and short silly ones that just told him when dinner would be ready! I also distinctly remember how incredibly yummy the grits were, tehe! 

First Dance Song
Built For Love by PJ Morton 

Cake Flavor
Traditional Wedding Cake

Additional Tidbits 
Phil and I planned this wedding since 2019 and had THREE different dates due to covid before finally getting to celebrate with our friends and family in March of this year! 

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