January 13, 2022

Our Master Bedroom Makeover

Hello friends! We recently gave our master bedroom an extreme makeover with coziness being the #1 goal. If you are looking to cozify your space, these resources may help! Shoutout to Alejandro, my talented hubby, who put lots of love and handiwork into this room making our ideas come to life! Here’s our process, starting with my mood board!

When designing a room, I start with a mood board to get a general idea of what I would like to incorporate into our space. I focus on colors, textures, and overall design. Then I research the bigger pieces that I’d like to purchase. I will peruse several websites and read a million reviews before purchasing something like a headboard, mattress, rug, sheets, etc. I don’t mind spending more on pieces that I know I will use and love to look at for years. I am very intentional on every item that goes into our space. If it doesn’t bring joy or serve us in some way, it has to go. I like to keep things clean and minimalistic.

Once I get a good grasp on the direction I’d like to go, I narrow down my ideas. I am a visual person and like to see what things will look like. I wanted to marry these two ideas together. I love the natural, earthy tones and textures. Since every wall in our house is white, we were excited to add an accent wall. We looked at a few different shades of sage green but ended up going with the sage that Luma Coffee Roasters used on their coffee bar.

I did an Instagram poll asking if we should stick with a queen bed or upgrade to a king. The answer was overwhelmingly to upgrade to a king. Now I totally see why! Once we finished our accent wall, we ordered our king linen headboard from Article and our mattress from Tuft and Needle. The headboard is low and along with the accent wall, it makes the room look so much bigger! I looked into Parachute and The Citizenry for our bedding, but I ended up going with Quince. They are priced really well, and their bamboo sheets are buttery soft. I will never turn back. Bamboo is the way to go! We also ordered their duvet and linen duvet cover. I am super happy with the quality. Everything is light and breathable. To top off our bed and add more texture, I ordered a knitted weighted blanket from Bearaby. It’s my first weighted blanket ever, and I don’t know how I went so long without one! It weighs 20 lbs and spreads evenly over the end of the bed. For now, we have our precious Moses basket in the corner by the fireplace, but I eventually want to put a cream colored chair and poof in that corner to relax by the fireplace. I may throw a cream cowhide rug in front of the fireplace to add more layers.

Alejandro added a coat of white paint to freshen things up and created the accent wall. He also built the entry table and side tables. I love how the side tables are designed without drawers so we don’t have clutter.

The goods:

Headboard – Article
Mattress & pillows – Tuft & Needle Mint (voted best couple’s mattress!)
Linen duvet – Quince
Bamboo sheets – Quince
Big waffle throw pillows – Target
Weighted blanket – Bearaby
Moses basket – Design Dua
Baskets – World Market + HomeGoods
Candlesticks – World Market
Hunter fan – Amazon
Sconces – Home Depot
Mantle art – Minted
Paint color – Sherwin Williams
Bits & bobs on our welcome table – Target + thrifted + pampas grass we picked on the side of the road at the beach

I added some special pieces into our room to add some character. The thrifted green vase on the mantle, a wooden duck that my dad carved in the 80s, and some of my favorite home decor books and journals.

Here is a peek at the room before. What an upgrade!

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