December 16, 2020

White Magnolia Wedding | Jessica + Gunnar

Ceremony + Reception: White Magnolia | Wedding planner: Girls in Black | Hair + Makeup: Salon du Sud | Decor: Royal Events Candles & Decor | Videographer: Film Thread Productions | Florist: Floral Cottage Florist | Bakery: Amazing Cakes | Ceremony musicians: Joel and Erin Martinez | Band: Rewind | Second shooter: Ashley Kristen

Describe your wedding day in three words
Only Rainbows after Rain. I had to choose 4 words because it was too perfect. Not only is this quote super special to me, but it truly describes our wedding experience. We went through so much with the rescheduling for COVID, double hurricanes the week of the new wedding, and constant changes to keep up with state regulations. However, at the end of it all, the wedding was absolutely perfect. Everything that happened, happened for a reason and we had the best day of our lives. Did I mention that it rained heavily from 2-3ish that day, and then a rainbow appeared during the ceremony???

Wedding color palette 
The girls were in a light gray, and the guys wore navy. However, I wanted the flowers to really pop! I chose bright color florals such as magentas, pinks, berries, with blue and white accents. I almost changed my mind and went back to the typical greenery and white that you see with a lot of weddings. Which is beautiful! I just wanted to do something a little different and I’m so glad we stuck with it. I think the florals are what made our vision come to life!

How did you and Gunnar meet?
Gunnar and I met through mutual friends. He moved to Baton Rouge for a job out of college, not knowing anyone. It just so turns out that the friend group he began to hang out with, were friends of mine as well. The first time we truly met (only exchanged names and small talk), I was his friends’ date for a wedding and we all 3 rode there in an Uber together. Which we all laugh about to this day. But shortly after that, Gunnar and I began to hang out via mutual friends during football season and the rest is history!

How did he propose? 
He proposed on hole 18 at The Raven Golf Course in Sandestin. We were on vacation with my family for the week, and went to play golf one day with my Dad. I just knew he wouldn’t propose without his parents there, so I didn’t even think twice about it happening that week. Sure enough, his parents drove from Memphis to Destin, and were watching the whole thing in the bushes with the rest of my family! I was about to putt and he asked me what the ball said. I bend down to find “Marry Me?” and he was on one knee. I admittedly then broke all golf rules – screamed loudly and also threw my club down on the green. It was well worth it!

Cake flavors
Bride: Almond Buttercream
Groom: Chocolate

First dance song
Millionaire by Chris Stapleton

Most memorable moments from your wedding day? 
My favorite moments… hmm that’s hard. I loved it all so much. For starters, the moment the torrential downpour ended around 3:30 was a huge highlight. Beyond that, I just tried to soak it all in. I loved the moment that everyone had left the building and I was inside (alone, other than vendors and wedding planner). I peeked out the window to see Gunnar standing out there and all of our friends and family waiting. At that moment, I felt so much relief, excitement and love. I couldn’t wait to get down there to him and couldn’t believe it was finally happening. Lastly, about halfway through the ceremony, I noticed the rainbow in the sky just behind the venue. The rainbow is actually symbolic of a dear friend we lost in a tragic accident last year. I knew then, she was at the wedding with us. That is something you just won’t ever forget, and such a clear reminder of God’s ability to bring us peace.

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