September 15, 2020

City Park elopement | Elyssa + Mathieu

How did you two meet?
We both work in wine and we met in a vineyard in France. Mathieu had been working at the winery for a few months, when I came to help with the harvest. We were both there together for about a month before the harvest ended and we both left. A couple weeks later we met up again in another area of France and stayed together for 10 days before I left to go back to the USA. And after talking for a couple months, one day Mathieu asked me if I wanted to meet him in Australia where we could both get a work visa. So a few months later we met in Australia and we’ve been together ever since! 

How did Mathieu propose?
Mathieu proposed when we were visiting my parents near Houston. He asked me if I wanted to go on a picnic to see the sunset at a park near my parents house that borders the water and a nature preserve. He brought cheese, bread, charcuterie and of course a bottle of wine! And at one point we walked by the water and he got down on one knee and asked me. It was very sweet and very our style!

Why New Orleans?
We actually chose New Orleans because my brother is a doctor in the Air Force stationed in Biloxi and he is under travel restrictions. But once I found  that out, I knew under the live oaks in City Park would be perfect! We also wanted to make sure we could find good food to eat after the ceremony and New Orleans is a perfect place for that! 

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