September 14, 2020

Summer stillness

“Plant the good seeds of righteousness, and you will harvest a crop of love. Plow up the hard ground of your hearts, for now is the time to seek the Lord, that He may come and shower righteousness upon you.” Hosea 10:12

Hello friends! It has been a while. I am taking this time to reflect on all of the beauty and blessings that summer brought our home and family. The golden sunsets, our garden harvest, the freedom we feel jumping into cool water, dinner parties with friends under string lights, camping in the backyard, and taking a nap after a summer afternoon swim. Summer is refreshing to the soul. As our favorite season is coming to an end, I can’t help but feel excited for this next season of cool weather and cozy nights. Side note: I fell in love and married the man of my dreams, but that deserves its own blog post! 😉

Summer bucket list

+ bake blueberry hand pies for friends
+ ice cream sandwich party
+ go fishing & have a fish fry
+ camp out in the backyard
+ dinner parties with friends
+ watch the sunrise
+ tend to the garden
+ sit on the porch and watch the fireflies
+ learn how to make Papa’s blueberry jam
+ look at the moon through our telescope
+ watch the geese fly over our home during sunrise and sunset
+ listen to the cicadas and frogs on the porch swing
+ make the perfect margarita
+ listen to live music on a patio
+ have a picnic in the woods
+ go on a Texas road trip

Summer playlist

+ Monsters of the North – The National Parks
+ Lifting the Sea – The Hunts
+ Heart is Home – Sea Changer
+ Summer – Phillip Larue
+ Human – The Hunts
+ Morning is Made – The Hush Kids
+ To the Sea – Jack Johnson
+ You are Gold – The National Parks
+ American Beauty – Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors
+ Autodomesticated Animal – Birdtalker
+ Honeybee – The Head and the Heart
+ Dandelion – Oliver Hazard
+ Fragments – Jack Johnson

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