May 7, 2019

Mercer family lifestyle session

We’ve all heard the tired and true phrase when it comes to motherhood. “The days are long and the years are short.” And some of those long days are particularly trying. But then Claire asks for a hug or Bethany will come running to show me a picture she drew of our family and I get lost in the wonder that this little family is mine. God put these two beautiful little girls in my hands and He said “Ashley, I am trusting you with them. Do Me proud.” What a gift. An absolute treasure. And when I look at my precious children I just can’t believe at how fast time truly flies. Five years have come and gone and the baby that made me a mother is now preparing for school. Her baby sister is toddling about with an ever-growing vocabulary. And with each passing day they grow taller, I grow more sentimental. And on the hardest of days I am reminding myself to soak it in. There will be a day when they will no longer ask for bedtime stories and one more cuddle goodnight. They’ll be grown, living their own lives with their own little families. So for now I’ll kiss all the pretend ouchies and clean up the blue paint from the refrigerator. I’ll fold their little clothes that they’ll soon outgrow. And I’ll cherish every scribbled picture I’m presented with even though it looks like the previous one. These are the good days everyone talks about when they grow old; even the trying days are good ones.

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