May 23, 2024

Summer 2023 on 35mm

Summer is my favorite season. I relish the long, slow days with my kids doing whatever our hearts desire. We wake up early to spend time in the garden before the heat sets in, and we take evening walks during golden hour. The garden veggies and blooms come to life, bringing beauty and nourishment to our home. I feel wild and free in the summertime– like a child all over again. That first bite of a juicy garden tomato, jumping into the pool or cold spring and feeling rejuvenated, picking fresh blueberries to bake a pie, and road tripping to a coastal town for yummy seafood and ocean views never gets old to me. I carry summer in my heart all year long.

One of my most cherished summer traditions is when my dad takes us fishing at my neighbor’s pond. We catch sunfish and bass and have a fish fry (with tater tots) the same day. We started doing this when Emma was small, and now we carry on the tradition each summer with Judah and Sofia.

Since Alejandro and I have gotten married, we’ve started beekeeping, gardening, and we built a beautiful greenhouse that makes me even more excited for summer each year. The things has given our yard beauty, purpose, and life. Cultivating God’s creation — feeding the wild birds and pollinators, harvesting honey, and growing vegetables for our family are days well lived.

These images were taken on the Pentax k1000 camera that my dad used to capture my own childhood. I am happy that my babies will be able to look back at these sweet days when they’re older and show their children and grandchildren.

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