May 31, 2022

A summer evening on the farm | Mumford family lifestyle session

Lifestyle sessions are where my heart is. There is something so special about living alongside a family for a day and experiencing life through their eyes. I first photographed the Mumford family 4 years ago when they lived in their old home. Sawyer and Blythe still had their baby teeth, Veda was toddling around, and Wesley wasn’t born yet. This is when it hit me… lifestyle sessions become more valuable over time. This moment will never happen again, and it will never look the same. I know it sounds simple, but it is profound. I truly believe we are living in the best season of our lives– in the thick of raising our children, building up our marriages, and the many dinner parties pouring life and light into others.

I have a little coffee table book of a session that one of my dear friends photographed of Emma and me. I was a single mama living in my first apartment, an old historic home in downtown Hammond. Emma was in her pajamas with her frizzy toddler bed hair, and we made pancakes together. It was a small, simple moment in time that I often look back on with nostalgia. Emma is now 9 years old, I am happily married to an amazing man, and we have a precious 7 month old baby boy named Judah. We are renovating our 100 year old farmhouse, and life looks much different than my early years as a single mom. I didn’t wait for life to be ‘perfect’ to document it. I believe every season of life is beautiful and ever changing. What do you want to remember from this season? Do your future self a favor, and invest in one of these sweet lifestyle sessions.

I’ll always remember this gorgeous summer evening with the Mumfords picking fresh veggies and wildflowers from their garden and a lovely dinner under the stars.

We were together. I forget the rest. – Walt Whitman

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