July 9, 2021

Our first honey harvest

Beekeeping has been an amazing adventure for our family. We learn more every day and are constantly fascinated by God’s design in nature. Despite a few stings along the way, the sweet reward of fresh golden honey makes it all worth it.

In the winter, Alejandro went with some local beekeepers to do a bee removal out of a wall in a home. They were able to cut out the hive, capture the queen, and move the bees to our own beehive. Mike Barry was kind enough to get us started with our journey and checks back with us to see what’s going on in our hive.

Most memorable beekeeping moments so far:
+ Alejandro catching a swarm of bees in the woods behind our house. We were able to collect new honeycomb, which happens to be white. You can see the different colors of pollen in the cells.
+ Watching the worker bees return to the hive with their legs full of pollen. I love seeing the variety of pollen colors.
+ When we spot the queen in the hive, it’s always very exciting.
+ Finding eggs and larva in the frames is always a good sign.
+ Our first honey harvest. Collecting and tasting our honey for the first time was so rewarding.

Stay tuned as we continue to grow our hive!

Resources that have helped us:
Our mentor Mike Barry & his Youtube channel
The Hive Jive Podcast
Beekeeping for Dummies
The Abc and Xyz of Bee Culture
The Honeybee (for the kids!)

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  1. Karen says:

    Me encanta! Que hermoso todo! 🍯🐝

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