August 31, 2019

Miller family summer lifestyle session

“I would have to say that Motherhood has taken me by surprise. I have never been that girl that dreamed of children or of being a mom or of raising a family. It all seemed so distant and far away and like an extra “thing to do” with my time. God has a funny way of surprising me though because being a mom has been the single greatest gift of joy that I have ever received. (Besides Jesus and my husband of course!) But the kids are uniquely their own sort of special joy and excitement and wonder. They enliven me, they challenge me. They make me better, they make me crazy. They make me stronger, the make me more me. I love them for it, but I love them for a thousand other small, wonderful and miraculous things. Motherhood has just pleasantly surprised me. No, it’s not a cake walk, but I truly feel like a BRAND NEW woman since becoming a mom to these little boys. Grateful would be a grandiose understatement.” – Natalie Miller

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