July 15, 2019

Il Mercato Wedding | Laura + Andrew

Bride + groom prep: Henry Howard Hotel | Ceremony + reception: Il Mercato | Hair: Lauren Jerome | Makeup: PreauxFace | Florist: Crystal Vase Flowers | Cake: La Louisiane Bakery | Ceremony music: Fine Arts Ensemble | Band: Bucktown AllStars | Dance lessons: Rhythm and Smooth (Alex and Kelley) | Invitation Suite: Abbey Printing | Second shooter: Lauren Lacaze

Describe your wedding in three words 
Laura: Perfect, fun, us. Our wedding was exactly what we wanted for each other and for our guests. Every bride will tell you there are things that they would go back and change of course but mine are all small insignificant details that only I would notice being changed.
Andrew: Beautiful. Amazing. Perfect.

Color Palette
White, eucalyptus green, and blush pink

How did you two meet?
We met on Bumble (more on this on our wedding website, we have a difference of opinion on what a first date is, lol!) https://www.zola.com/wedding/newsomesensiwedding

How did Andrew propose
Laura: We were doing a Staycation. I was convinced it wasn’t going to happen that weekend because he kept saying “why are you so concerned about your clothes this weekend?” (Side note: We had already picked a date and venue I was just waiting on the ring at this point.) So I come home from work on that Friday and he wasn’t ready to go, it took everything for me not to be annoyed at him and potentially ruin the weekend by being a brat. Andrew cleans up, I change from my work clothes and we finally get going. We were doing a little bar hop for Happy Hour in the Quarter. We first went to Cane and Table where one drink turned into two because it started raining, then off to Sylvain for another drink. After this he insists on going to Jackson Square “to look for art, remember that gift we still needed to give to a friend as a wedding present”. So as we head over it is now 7pm. I know they close the park at night but Andrew doesn’t. He is so confused when they chain up the gate literally in front of us. So I say we go to the skywalk to take some pictures and just take in the city since it was almost sunset. As we are taking photos he is acting weird, like weirder than usual. All of a sudden he is literally pulling me across the middle of the street to go stand in front of the main gate. This is where he proposed. He said “one more selfie” and as I’m getting my phone he gets down on one knee. I seriously thought he was kidding, faking me out. He had said he would since I knew we were going to get engaged something had to be a surprise. I keep saying are you kidding me stop it. Little did I realize he had the ring in his hand! I honestly blacked out, it happened so fast I had to ask him after if I actually said yes. HAHA! So behind the scenes Andrew had hired a photographer to catch all of this. I had told him before the weekend started we would stay off our phones as much as possible and spend time with each other. Well when the park closed he panicked. He couldn’t start emailing the photographer in case I got annoyed that he was on his phone. This is why he pulled me across the street so quickly. He finally found her and had the go ahead to propose. We ended up being photo bombed by parrots, how New Orleans. We celebrated our engagement at Peche after we called our parents and brothers.
Andrew: I hijacked a staycation weekend and turned into a proposal. I even hired a photographer (not Lauren, sorry Lauren!) to capture the proposal. I planned to propose IN Jackson Square but we got there just as they were locking the gates. Of course Laura had demanded we stay off our phones that weekend so I couldn’t text the photographer to let her know we wouldn’t be inside the square. I took Laura across the street up the stairs until I spotted our photographer. My heart was definitely beating through my chest. Eventually I proposed in front of the gates of Jackson Square. Laura thought I was joking for at least 30 seconds of me being on one knee (in her defense I did say I might throw a few fakes in to keep her on her toes). Ultimately it was even better than what I had planned

Most memorable moment from your wedding day
Laura: Serious moment: our vows. I will never forget standing there saying my vows to Andrew and hearing him say his to me. I wish I could stand in that moment forever. Funny moment: I’m not sure what song the band was playing but it was slow and I found myself on the dance floor without my groom. I just started dancing by myself with my arms stretched out like he was there. It got a good laugh.
Andrew: Waiting for her to walk down the aisle. I could barely keep from crying as she walked down the aisle. Of course time seemed to stand still and I had to hold it together. But she and the ceremony were just so beautiful that it was tough.

Cake Flavors
Four tier cake filled with two tiers of almond funfetti with almond mousseline and almond white with key lime mousseline, covered in almond ameri-swiss buttercream

First Dance
It had to be You – Harry Connick Jr.

Where did guests travel from to attend your special day?
Texas, California, Kansas, Florida, Mississippi, Delaware, Virginia, Colorado, Georgia, New York, Connecticut, Iowa, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey.

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