May 30, 2019

Wasuna family lifestyle session

“Can a heart burst? Some moments I feel so overwhelmed with love for these little people who have saturated every aspect of my life. The love is so intense that it feels like my heart might just explode. I get to do life with these amazing, adventurous, perfect little humans. Learning and growing alongside them. It’s incredible the perception shift I’ve gone through over the years. At first I thought it was my job to shape and mold my little babies. Like they were blank slates waiting for my input. Over time I’ve realized they are fully formed little humans that I get to gently guide, but they are each their own person. I adore being able to learn who each of them are and help them figure out what they will do with their lives. In this fleeting season I want to absorb every little detail about their personalities. I want to watch them jump on the trampoline for hours, overfill the bathtub with too many bubbles, leave legos all over the house, make messes in the kitchen, spill the milk, ask me for snacks seemingly a million times a day, leave crumbs and crayons all over my car. I want to hear them bicker, read them bedtime stories until I’m nodding off to sleep, play the same song over and over at top volume while they dance recklessly around the living room. I want it all! The sweet snuggles and the chaos. Parenting brings this range of emotions that make it so unbelievably beautiful to me. Being their mom is my greatest adventure!” -beautiful words written by Ashley Wasuna

Ashley, I want to thank you for inviting me into your home to capture your family during this season of life. You guys find beauty in all things. It was truly a treat!

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