• emma

    Emma turns three

    I can’t express the love and gratitude I feel in my heart at the moment. Having all of our family and friends in our home to celebrate Emma̵...
  • legend

    Legend Album

    The Legend Album is fashioned after an artist’s journal, wrapped in genuine leather with a genuine leather strap closure. There are two paper types ...
  • dawn

    Dawn + Michael

    Michael and I wanted to get married in a unique New Orleans setting, so the Thoth Market Street Den seemed like the perfect venue! Michael’s dad...
  • meagan

    Meagan + Jeff

    Jeff and I met during our time as undergrads at Southeastern Louisiana University. We were introduced through mutual friends, and we loved spending ti...
  • virginia

    A cabin in Virginia

    As I sit here with a cup of coffee in my hand reflecting on this trip, I feel cozy all over again. This adorable A frame cabin, Gum Tree Lodge, was th...
  • sydney

    Sydney + Jeffrey

    Jeffrey and I met when we were 14 years old. He was the boy who lived down the street and just so happened to be best friends with my big brother. We ...
  • jess

    Jessica + Dave

    Jessica and Dave met in the fall of 2010, when Jessica was a visiting medical student at Tulane in the department of surgery. Dave was one of the chie...
  • jenny

    Jenny + Eric

    Jenny and Eric met in college, where they lived across the street from each other. Though it definitely was crush at first sight, they didn’t da...