A word from Joye: Life is made up of a string of tiny moments… like smooth little pearls that can easily slip out of your fingers… easily go unnoticed for their worth. But each moment–each pearl you tuck away as the priceless gift it is–becomes as valuable as an heirloom necklace you wear close to […]

Dicharry Summer Session


“I know this world is far from perfect. I am not the type to mistake a streetlight for the moon. I know our wounds are deep as the Atlantic. But every ocean has a shoreline and every shoreline has a tide that is constantly returning to wake the songbirds in our hands, to wake the […]

Lazy Saturday on Berry Hill Farm


This in home engagement session sparked fireworks in my soul! Kristina and Derek opened their lovely uptown home to me and my camera, and we made magic. I adored their welcoming nature and bubbly personalities. They are getting married in Paris in the fall, cue the sweet love song and all of the happy tears. […]

Kristina + Derek | In Home Engagement Session