Flying into Key West, I had no idea how much I’d fall in love with the place. It’s so quaint and downright adorable. I loved photographing the pastel houses and colorful flowers overflowing the fences. There are roosters crowing everywhere at all times of the day, which was so funny to see. The beaches were […]

Key West


Lauren was at a friend’s birthday party on a rooftop in Brooklyn. She had gone down to the kitchen to get another drink, and Chase walked in the door with some friends. Maybe it sounds cheesy, but they had an instant connection. After a few minutes Lauren went to find Chase to start up a […]

Lauren + Chase


Noelle and Phil met in college at Loyola University New Orleans during their sophomore year. They lived a floor apart in freshman year, but only knew each other in passing. They were more formally introduced by a mutual friend at the organization’s fair (she ended up being one of Noelle’s bridesmaids!) Phil offered to teach […]

Noelle + Phil