Logan + William engaged

I had the honor of photographing Logan & William’s engagement session at Race & Religious. They are so in love, full of life, and have great taste in outfits! Race & Religious is a little piece of heaven on earth, and I always look forward to shooting there.

How they met: “We met in August of 2007, the day before classes began our freshman year at LSU. My roommate and I ran in to William and a few of his friends in the lobby of our dorm, and she introduced us since she knew them from high school. She is still my roommate, and now a bridesmaid!  I definitely had a little crush the first night we met, but we always joke that he doesn’t remember meeting me this night (but he surprised me by including it in the proposal!)  We became good friends over the next few weeks, and then in October he FINALLY asked me to be his date for his fraternity formal. Seven and a half years later, here we are!”

How he proposed: “The day of the proposal, William was SO calm! It was just like any other day, as I rushed around to get ready for our lunch plans. He was very patient, and I remember thinking our reservations must be for later than what he told me, because he is not rushing me at all! I knew we were getting lunch at Muriels’s, because we had been planning to go there for a while since he had been and I had not, so he made me think the whole day was my idea! Looking back, there were so many clues all throughout lunch, but I was busy relishing in the scenery and delicious food! About halfway through our meal I asked why he was being so quiet, and he said he was just checking out the sites in Jackson Square since we were right next to the window. I just thought “Oh yeah, I bet there is so much too look at!” and began staring out of the window myself! When we finished eating, the server asked if we wanted coffee or dessert and as I went to say I wanted a coffee,  William interjected, “No thanks! Check, please!” Then as we were walking towards the door to leave, he casually asked if I wanted him to show me the room upstairs since its supposedly haunted. I thought it was strange we were allowed to be up there since no one else was around. He gave me a tour of the whole upstairs and then he walked me out onto the balcony. I was still taking in the awesome view, when he began talking. I glanced over to see he had tears in his eyes, and that is when I really got confused. He looked at me and laughed, saying “I can tell you have no idea what is going on, but today is a really important day for us.” That is when it finally hit me! I immediately started crying, and tossed my clutch across the balcony so I could give him my full attention. He began the sweetest speech ever, then pulled out a little velvet bag, got down on knee, and asked me to marry him! I screamed “YES!” and cried a little (lot) more! The manager brought us out a bottle of champagne, and we had the balcony all to ourselves as we celebrated and called our family over the next few hours. Perfect does not even begin to describe it. A few of our friends  were waiting back at my house with more champagne, then we all headed to White Linen night. We were meeting up with a big group, so we got tell all of our friends in person and relive the story over and over!”


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