Andrea + Daniel

Ceremony & Reception: Desert Plantation

Florist: D.I.Y.

Cake: The Pastry Bag

Groom’s Cake: Jenny Baker

Decor: Cotton and Pine

DJ: Eddie Deweese

Videographer: Montoto Productions

It was an honor to be chosen to document Andrea and Daniel’s love story. They have been together for MANY years, and every part of the wedding was so sentimental. Andrea and Daniel wrote each other heartfelt vows. Andrea did a first look with her father, and it was the sweetest thing I’ve ever witnessed. The sunset was perfectly in place for the ceremony, and many tears of joy were shed. Their wedding was truly a fairytale.

How they met: Andrea and Daniel met when they were twelve years old.


January 2003: Andrea and her family had just moved to the quaint town of St. Francisville and were looking for a Christian church to attend. They were told of one in town and so they went. Andrea and Daniel met each other that day because Daniel happened to be the co-pastor’s son and because he was just too handsome not to notice.

They didn’t talk much at first. They saw each other on Sundays and exchanged a few words every now and then. They never pondered the possibility of liking each other.

March 2003: The church re-established itself at another building in another town. Both families continued to attend the same church and Andrea and Daniel continued to be friends. Still, neither had a clue there might be feelings there.

October 2003: Daniel’s family moves out of the church and begins their own in their household. That month the former church youth group was having a camping trip, one Andrea was really looking forward to because she thought Daniel was going. When the camping trip came around, Andrea realized Daniel and his family had left the church and was heartbroken. They both feared that was the end of their friendship, but God had other plans.

December 2003: Daniel and Andrea are reunited. Andrea’s family starts attending church at Daniel’s family’s house. Hope is regained and their friendship continues to flourish.  They begin to get to know each other better and start shaking off their shyness. This continues for about a year, many sweet memories are made, and stronger feelings start to develop.

October 2004: This month marks a turning point in Daniel and Andrea’s relationship. On October 31st, Andrea attends the church’s annual Hallelujah night at Daniel’s house. Eager to see him, Andrea asked where Daniel was and found out through his sister that he was at a youth camp. While riding the hayride, Danielle overheard Andrea voice how much she wanted to see and spend time with him. This one comment sparked it all. Immediately, Daniel’s sister and her boyfriend (now husband) started questioning Andrea about her feelings for Daniel and all the beans were spilled. By the time Daniel got back a week later, Paul and Danielle had undertaken the matchmaker role seriously and had gathered that Daniel felt the same way about Andrea. 

December 2004: On December 5th, Daniel drew up the nerves to ask Andrea to be his girlfriend to which Andrea yelled YES! From this point on, through God’s precious grace and love, Daniel and Andrea would come to realize that the Lord had made them for each other and that their spirits and souls would be tied forever. A love so beautiful, strong, and pure would come to be theirs and nothing or noone would be able to break that.

January 2013: On January 10th, after 9 LONG years of building their relationship, the sweetest thing occured. On their third ski trip to Breckenridge together, on the last day of the trip, in the beautiful snowy park of the town of Breckenridge, Daniel got down on one knee and asked the love of his life to marry him. With tears of joy in her eyes and with a heart about to burst, she gladly said YES!! to her best friend.

Now they get to continue spending the rest of their lives together!!! God is oh so faithful!

How Daniel proposed: So in case you didn’t know, Daniel and Andrea LOVE to ski. For the past three years, they had been going every January to Breckendridge, Colorado with a student group from LSU.

In January 2012, they both went on the trip and Andrea thought that this would be the year that Daniel would propose and that he would most likely do it there. They had been talking about getting engaged recently and so it made sense if he did. They had a great time that week, but returned home un-engaged.

Throughout the year of 2012, there were several moments where Andrea thought that Daniel might propose, however it wasn’t the time yet.

In January 2013, Daniel and Andrea left once again to Breckenridge, Colorado on their annual ski trip.

After the summer of 2012, Andrea had given up on guessing when Daniel would propose haha, so the last thing she was thinking was that he would propose on this trip. Daniel had voiced to Andrea the year before that he didn’t think he would choose the ski trip to propose because it wasn’t private enough because of how many people they were traveling with. This pretty much ruled out that place as an option, therefore Andrea REALLY believed that January 2013 was not going to be the month.

They left on their trip on January 7th and had a wonderful first three days of skiing. The mountains were gorgeous and powdery. Andrea finally ventured into the single and double-diamond black’s and Daniel improved his already awesome snowboarding skills. At one point, on the third day of the trip, Andrea, edged on by Daniel and some of the boys of the trip, almost died as she free fell from the tip of the mountain trying to skii a double diamond black. She was sliding so fast down the mountain weaving through boulders and into trees that it took Daniel and another boy to snow board down to her and throw themselves on her in order to stop her before she really hurt herself. But anyways, that’s a side note haha.

On the fourth and last day, Daniel and Andrea always like to go into town and shop around instead of skiing an extra day. On that day, January 10th, 2013, Daniel proposed.

On the morning of this day, Andrea and Daniel were walking through the lodge to head out to the street when Daniel suggested they putt putt. They only had a few hours before they had to leave so Andrea tried to convince Daniel out of it in order to get to town but Daniel insisted and so they did. After putt putting, Daniel suggested they stop by the bathroom before they headed out to the street. If anyone knows Daniel and Andrea, this is not the norm, it is usually Andrea who ALWAYS needs to stop by a bathroom.

When Andrea walked out of the bathroom, Daniel was waiting for her sitting in a chair with a post it in hand. He showed it to Andrea and told her the trip leader had come by and handed it to Daniel and told him that it was a last minute secret scavenger hunt before they left. Andrea, who loves things like this, flipped out with excitement.

They headed to town with post it in hand and using both their brains found the different clues. They took a break or two to eat crepes and sign up to donate to Greenpeace, all things that were not part of the “plan.” They got stuck on some of the clues but eventually they got through all of them. The clues were so clever and they took them all over town and they had a blast trying to find all the secretive and sometimes tough spots they were in.

For the last clue, it was stuck under a bench in the town’ s main park, the clue read “You have waited patiently and I’ll make you wait no more, for it is here that you will find what I have in store. At last it is here that you find the man, ready and willing to ask for you hand.”

Daniel got down on one knee in that beautiful snowy park and asked Andrea if he would marry him and of course she said yes!!!! She was so overjoyed, she threw herself on him and didn’t even look at the ring. Right after, there was a lady walking around with a camera and Andrea asked her if she would take a picture of them with Daniel’s phone. Her reply was that she had already been taking pictures of them the whole time. She was a secret photographer that Daniel had hired to follow them around! Adrea laughed soooo hard when she realized what was going on! It was beautiful!!

The scavenger and everything had all been carefully planned out by Daniel! Throughout the first three days, Daniel had been going to sleep really early and complaining about how tired he was and needed to go lay down, etc. This bummed Andrea out because she wanted to spend more time with him but understood. What Andrea didn’t know was that he was using that time to go through town and choose the locations, write the post it notes, and plan the whole thing out. The night before the proposal, he had gone into town at 2 in the morning to put the post it notes in their proper location and the morning of, he went again at 6 to make sure they were still there. The reason Daniel wanted to randomly putt putt was to buy time for the photographers.

Daniel was sooooo clever and sweet with his idea and the best part was that Andrea REALLY had NO CLUE of what was going on. If you know Andrea well, you know that is usually not the case. She can smell Daniel and his thoughts from two miles away. Andrea didn’t even start getting an idea of it throughout the hunt, she really didn’t realize what was going on until she finished reading the last line on the last clue and saw Daniel get down on one knee. It was magical!

Andrea would say that this, by far, was the best proposal ever! Daniel would say it’s been one of the most stressful things he’s done haha.

Now, almost a year later, they will get to spend the rest of their lives growing old together!


…Now to the fairytale wedding!

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