• Jessica + Dave

    Jessica and Dave met in the fall of 2010, when Jessica was a visiting medical student at Tulane in the department of surgery. Dave was one of the chief residents. The chief on Jessica’s rotation

  • Jenny + Eric

    Jenny and Eric met in college, where they lived across the street from each other. Though it definitely was crush at first sight, they didn’t date for years until their mutual love of Vietnamse food

  • Alyssa + Mike

    Alyssa: Mike and I met at an arcade we both worked at. I actually strongly disliked him because he started working there about a year after me and was promoted ahead of me. He always

  • Cabo

    Cabo San Lucas has always been on my list of places to visit. Cabo was beyond what I expected. The best part about my trip is that I stayed in a private house on a

  • Katie + Ryan

    Katie and Ryan’s mutual friend, Aly, double booked herself one day and had made plans with both Katie and Ryan. Lucky for them, she decided to combine her plans, and they all met for dinner